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Hear ye, here Yee, our blog has moved to the sunnier climes of So please re-set your nav bars, refresh your favorites list, and prepare for incoming mortar. The brave new whirl of a new design has us in its sway.

Thank you to every and all who came to our CD release fiesta at Bottom of the Hill last night, and it can now be announced that the man in the gorilla mask and flak helmet was none other than Man.U.Facture himself.

Much gratitude is owed to Cousin Wil for his wrangling of our new online bungalow. A chalet of sorts. Soon, the wiring and faucets will be functioning, and the clotheslines will be hung (like stockings) with care.

(Here Yee. Leland Yee. Congratulations on winning the primary, good sir.)

posted by Kevin at 8/14/2006 12:24:00 AM


The blog is live on the NEW Griddle website Please head on over. Any ideas are welcome, but for now the worklist includes:

  • Flash Navigation header with animation from the past albums which trigger easter eggs like: secret animated scenes from Stephen Thompkins' comic, live performances, mp3s, and more Griddle-tainment than you can stand!
  • Sub pages for the site including an online store where people can buy the latest merch directly from the band.
  • Streaming music and video content.
  • Mailing list.
  • The Museum of Unnatural History in Steamboat Springs, CO will open it's doors to the public, serving the needs of Griddlers and tourists in Steamboat and Online.
  • And surely much more insanity than any of us can stand.
Please do let me know if there is something you think would work on the new site or blog, or if you feel you have something to contribute to the site or the museum, I can use all the posters, artwork, odd relics, dead instruments, and lore you've got (Wil Everts - PO Box 881124 - Steamboat Springs, CO 80488) .

posted by Wil at 8/13/2006 08:55:00 PM


Times, they are a changing... I'm fruiting around with the blog tonight with hopes to have this puppy all backed up to the new! Then flash fun and exciting additions to the website to follow thereafter over the next few days. - Cousin Wil

posted by Wil at 8/10/2006 08:26:00 PM

last night @ the independent: rodrigo y gabriela wow! flamenco-metal-jazz from an acoustic instrumental duo. lightning speed flamenco freakouts that morph into metallica covers and slide seamlessly into a bossa nova coda. the lovely lucia willow and i agreed that the coolest part is gabriela's bent for 'spanking' her guitar and turning it into one big drumkit...

posted by chris at 8/10/2006 05:13:00 PM


CLAMS ON THE HALF-SHELL... AND ROLLERSKATES! ROLLERSKATES! I was in the mood for some Chic this morning, so as I rolled the Rodgers/Edwards groove titans through the analysis machine, I flipped through the Chic compilation liner notes... ---- "We figured at that time, what was open to us was punk rock and disco, because those were the two things that were coming in," Rodgers recalled. "So, we tried punk rock, because we had always admired rock 'n' roll money." For whatever reason, they thought that Allah and the Knife Wielding Punks seemed like a wonderful name.... In fact, one of their strongest singles resulted from an embarrassing, rainy night out during the winter of '77, when Rodgers and Edwards were turned away from a Grace Jones gig for which they had been told they would be "guests of honor." Weighing an offer to collaborate with Jones, Chic turned up to check out the edgy singer's live set only to be informed that their names weren't on the list. They reconvened at Rodgers' apartment a block away and cooled off by getting really, really wasted. "Bernard and I started jamming," Rodgers explained. "We were just yelling obscenities: 'Fuck Studio 54 ... Fuck 'em ... Fuck off! Fuck those scumbags ... Fuck them!' And we were laughing. We were entertaining the hell out of ourselves. We had a blast." Though the sentiment and lyrics were probably more suitable for an Allah and the Knife Wielding Punks song, Edwards looked up and realized that the groove they had laid down -- inspired, obliquely, by Cream's "Sunshine of Your Love" -- was actually pretty good. Slowly, the lyrics changed from "Fuck Off" to "Freak Off" to "Freak Out." They forgot about the Jones job -- they had stumbled upon a hit. With its anxious splatter of guitar and insistent throb, the resulting song, "Le Freak," soon became the best-selling single in Atlantic's history.

posted by Kevin at 8/09/2006 03:06:00 PM


I'm a fan of Paper Rad (dot org), though I can't really explain why. From what I can tell, Paper Rad is an art collective based in Pittsburgh, PA, which occasionally doubles as a touring band. They make colorfully art-damaged music videos, Flash animations, and post-modern collages that capitalize on trash culture and pop-cult iconography. Along the way, they splatter surreal combinations of very ugly but very American imagery all over their digital canvases. Anyhow, they have a photoessay Year In Review up now, set to that song from Dirty Dancing. If you need a quick jolt of absurdity, press play. Here's their Quicktime trailer for "Barkley's Barnyard Critter's Mystery Tail."

posted by Kevin at 8/08/2006 05:41:00 PM


Sad: R.I.P. Arthur Lee, psychedelic pioneer. This eulogy from Wintermute has a bunch of great video footage embedded in it. Not sad: More positive Klimty Favela review action, this time from Hugh of Either/Or. Also not sad: The lo-fi masterpiece Sebadoh III has been re-issued.

posted by Kevin at 8/07/2006 03:56:00 PM


Arnie, this one's for you, brother: Brian Posehn's "Metal By Numbers."

posted by Kevin at 8/04/2006 01:38:00 PM


I've been to Orlando three times in the past three years, and had no idea that Winter Park (next to Orlando) was home to the Audio Playground Synthesizer Museum. Free and open to the public. I wanted to check out a Crumar Orchestrator, and the Keyboard Museum's site has this badass Flash demo of the Crumar, in which an animated turntable plays the 45 that came with the Crumar back in '78. (Or was it a 78 back in '45? Oh, I kid.)

posted by Kevin at 8/03/2006 04:13:00 PM


Most of my political posts tend to be dismal, dire, and borne of frustration. But not this one! I like our Congressman. We in California's 13 (the fighting 13th) have as our representative a guy named Pete Stark. He seems to be a good guy, that Pete. From his email correspondence, he seems to prefer "Pete" to Congressman Stark. That's cool with me. Anyhow, he sends frequent emails which reveal his voting record, vote by vote. As a minor-league wonk, I enjoy the play-by-play, and to this point, I've agreed with him on every vote -- every vote that I comprehend, that is, as some are too arcane or obscure for me to wrap my civilian head around. Recently, he proposed a program for universal health care coverage called AmeriCare, or H.R. 5886, which looks solid. Here's a PDF one-page summary of the proposal. Pete is having a town hall meeting on the morning of the 12th at San Leandro City Hall, which is about three blocks from our house. Here he is on video a few weeks ago, talking about welfare reform on Capitol Hill. Go Pete. Awright.

posted by Kevin at 8/02/2006 12:46:00 PM







File under: Psychedelic Rock.
Current weather in San Francisco? Thick. For those just tuning in, Griddle was, is, and will be Kevin Seal, Xifer Fortier, Kimo Ball and Chris McGrew. The new album is called Klimty Favela. Aside from that, we don't know much.

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